Smart City Vs Blockchain City

By Marco Romero

“Smart cities” connect and communicate with their inhabitants through infrastructure and the efficient use of technology.

What are "Smart Cities"?

The main proposal is the automated mobility of vehicles and the strengthening of public transport systems.

It can also include the provision of services such as water, energy, waste management. It also includes surveillance of the population to improve security. In this way we have a central authority that controls everything.

What are "Blockchain Cities"?

In essence they are the same as smart cities but the difference is that they work without any central authority.

Citizens are in charge of providing services in Blockchain Cities. In this way, initiatives and projects that evolve more quickly can be implemented more quickly. The exchange of information flows faster, in a much more transparent and reliable way.

Blockchain Cities are based on smart contracts that force the different actors (companies, people and governments) to manage themselves properly or else they can be disconnected from the system.

Information is power and if we allow citizens to share that power, then we will have more inclusive and participatory cities.